faith, life, both

 Ross has a communication style that is part storytelling, part conversation, part hilarious , and part "aha moments." Whatever the theme may be, the message is always an experience.  His topics include such things as "I believe in you!', "Between the Ditches," and "The Letters of Life."  One very important message is for those who deal with anxiety and depression.  From his own life experience, Ross brings a smile and encouragement to anyone, especially those who share in this journey.  He offers a unique listening experience to those wishing to schedule him for events.  His presentation can be customized for nearly any audience with the result being both inspirational and motivational. 

Using his dynamic skill in story-telling, Ross draws the listener into the story where life is experienced with 

encouragement and enthusiasm.  Ross puts it this way, "I simply want people to experience something when I speak.  I want them to experience life with fresh air.  I want them to know they have value.  Be encouraged.  Smile.  Move forward."


Ross endeavors to say what needs to be said to accomplish the goals of the host within 45 minutes. 


Consider Ross for any audience that wants to be inspired, motivated, or both.