Ross DeMerchant is one of the most influential people I have ever met. He has the ability to communicate with a dynamic and 

engaging level of authenticity. There is nothing but good words for him.  I trust him.

Conor Daly, Indycar Driver 



If you have the opportunity to work with Ross, you won't be disappointed! His passion for people, dynamic humor, and  genuine care for others shine through every interaction with him.

Jessa Anderson, singer/songwriter



Ross is a true inspiration and gift.  His character, trustworthiness, and honest perspective has had a real impact on how I run my business, as well as on my efforts to be a great husband  and father. He tells it like it is, but can open your eyes to what’s possible.

Sam Sato, Chief Executive Officer

The Finish Line, Inc.


"I believe in you." When Ross says those words, it is with deep intentionality.  Those are not empty or shallow  words coming from a man I consider a dear friend and confidant.  For close to 40 years I have seen Ross care deeply for people in a way that is rare in a culture of "me-first". Whether it is sitting with one person, sharing conversation with a table group or speaking to a large crowd, Ross creates a space where he listens, he values, he engages with empathy and heart and soul wisdom and he allows us to laugh and laugh hard. Life often is a long hard road and everyone should have times of walking with Ross for he truly comes alongside and takes some weight from your pack. He is a trustworthy, compassionate, generous trail mate.

Larry Mitchell, Simple Theologian, Faith Companion,Worn Soles Blues Band


Every single week my social media feed is full of photos of Ross meeting up with people of all ages and from all walks of life simply to encourage them. His main priority in life could be summed up simply: to love people well. In my opinion, that alone makes him one of the most successful people I know.  He loves his family fiercely. Ross is a gifted storyteller (and a very funny human being). But he is also he knows how to make that turn from a wacky story to a moving, heart-stirring point. So if you or someone you know happens to be looking for a fresh face to inspire people at a special event or conference, he would be a great choice! I think you’ll really like him, and I know he will really like you!

Emily Sutherland, Writer / Blogger & Hopeless Optimist



Ross has an amazing ability to connect deeply with people in person, in his writing, and in his public speaking.  His story telling is captivating and inspiring.

Linda Znachko, Founder



Ross DeMerchant has skills as a speaker that make the message relevant, engaging, inspiring and sprinkled with appropriate humor. I am very pleased to commend him to you.

Dr H C Wilson, Ross' 1st Boss


Ross is the epitome of 'life-on-life mentoring,'

constantly building and investing in intentional relationships for the genuine cause of helping people experience the perfect plan and purpose they were created for.

Jeff McMaster, Ph. D., Educator


What a joy to watch Ross DeMerchant's entire career and his place as a true man of influence. Ross communicates life well. His wisdom is valuable in helping us grow and achieve our maximum potential.

Ken McGeorge, B.S.,D.H.A.,C.H.E.

Health Service Executive


Ross communicates life very, very well.

Randy Davis, National Network of Youth Ministry


It is our pleasure to share our utmost respect and love for Ross DeMerchant.  We have known Ross (and his family) for more than ten years now.  We have five children who have all benefitted in one way or another from Ross’s belief in others. Our oldest, now in his own career path, says, “Mr. D made me feel like I was the only one in the room no matter the size of the group or audience.

Christopher & Lois Teeter

Parents (of a small army) 


Ross is an incredibly effective communicator.  He brings a background of leadership in various capacities of age, ethnic diversity, business and the church. I have experienced listening to Ross in a group of thousands but felt he was talking to me personally.  A very unusual gift.  A voice for our time.

Jo Anne Lyon, Founder

World Hope


"As the Owner & Operator of a tour company, I had the privilege of working closely with Ross for several years as he coordinated yearly trips for High School Seniors in upstate New York.  Ross knows how to communicate.  The many times I heard him speak was always special and often we would have nearby workers leave what they were doing to hear what he had to say. Thank you Ross, for the 10 years of encouragement and excellent communication in so many areas!"

Steve Bowen, bowenarrowtours.com