People recognize this as one of my top priorities.  To be able to invest in a life and provide encouragement and perspective through simple conversation is incredibly fulfilling.  Here are a few of the settings I engage with people through conversation:


  • Life Mentoring Conversation (Local to Indianapolis)  I am often requested to meet with individuals on a regular basis for basic mentoring on life, faith, and leadership development.  Most often these have been with High School or College aged individuals.


  • Building My 26 Letters Conversation (Daylong)  There is no greater privilege than to meet with an individual who wants to put together their own life’s 26 Letters.  I will set aside a day (5 hours) to meet with you to help you re-visit your life’s journey and establish a well of very meaningful memories in your life.  My role is to facilitate your ability to put those memories into a format that serves you now, and everyone else forever.  If you are interested in setting up a Building My 26 Letters Conversation event, let me know.