about ross

I am farm boy from New Brunswick, Canada.

I am a middle child.

I was bullied in the 6th grade.

I beat up the bully in the 8th grade.

I played a grandfather clock in the high school play, with one line.  I practiced a lot.

I nearly failed grade 12.  I probably should have.

I met my wife, Shirley, in college.  Our first kiss was on 10/30/76.  We were married on 01/07/78.

I almost burned down our hotel room on our wedding night.

Thus far, Shirley and I have lived in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, North Carolina, and Indiana.

I have been hired 10 times, resigned 9 times, and told to resign once.  I feel like I'm getting there!

My speaking opportunities have taken me to England, South Africa, Barbados, Dominican Republic,

Jamaica, Australia, China, and throughout US & Canada.

Our son, Jordan, was born a Tar Heel, and our daughter, Janna, was born a Hoosier.

Jordan and his wife, Kara, live in Alexandria, Virginia, and have four children, expecting their 5th at the end of 2019.

Janna and her husband Brendan live in Tucson, Arizona, and have two children.

I am Bampy to 7 grandchildren.

Whether speaking to one person across the coffee table or 10,000 people throughout an arena,

I view the opportunity as a privilege and honor.

I do not try to change anyone with my speaking.  I do everything I can to

facilitate an experience where people will know they are believed in.

When I talk to people, they know I see them.