where life is communicated

26 Letters was launched as a 501c3 non-profit organization in the fall of 2016 to be my support platform for serving others and communicating life. 26 Letters, named after my first book of the same title that champions life conversations, was started as a direct result of my 44 years of walking and talking with others, primarily students.  Your support for 26 Letters gives oxygen to my voice and availability to work with others, and my efforts to say "I believe in you."  I would not be able to do what I do without your encouragement and financial support through 26 Letters.  I am sincerely humbled and energized by the generous contributions from donors from various places of life.  Please know that your support goes towards communicating life to anyone, anywhere. Every penny counts. I look forward to you partnering with me so that together, we can be a voice that says, "I believe in you." 


Would you consider becoming a partner with me and my work?